Have you ever tasted blue blood? Then we have a few personalities, anecdotes and perhaps even secrets for you… LEMKEN is characterised by the people who work for us every day, who make our company what it is. How many stories do you think there are to tell! For real blue bloods!

Training with full physical effort

ISOBUS training, AgroFarm, 2018.
The French and British teams use our models to have a long and very funny discussion on the carpet of the training room about the difference in positioning the GPS antenna on a standard tractor or a crawler tractor!

Practitioner Opinion

The employees of the LEMKEN company are just as robust as the machines they produce.

Vladimir Berdik, Head of the Snegirjov branch of Nibulon in the Nikolaev region of Ukraine

Toilet bag

In the toilet bag the personality shows itself.


By handshake

Theodor van Laak, head of development and design at LEMKEN from 1959 to 1992, was responsible for groundbreaking inventions and patents that established the company’s reputation as a manufacturer of innovative and high-quality equipment and machinery for agricultural engineering. On October 1, 1959, the newly qualified engineer for agricultural machinery was hired with a handshake “right out of school”.


We used to say: If you don’t have blue in your bedroom, you’re not at LEMKEN.

Cilli Overhoff Technical Officer (1955-1992)

Humans and machines

Miro and Manni work diligently under the supervision of their colleagues. A well-rehearsed team of three.

Fun during breaks

Guarantee recreation, the field that recovers gives back abundantly what it owes you.

Ovid (43 BC – 17 AC)


Everyone has something
that drives them.


3rd Generation

My grandpa used LEMKEN ploughs before I was even born.

Linus Jordans

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