Enjoy a colourful bouquet of flowers full of nostalgia. Company videos from the 80s, which are musically inspired by the great television role models of entrepreneurial families (Dallas, DenverClan, Falcon Crest), are only a small highlight. For cheerful historians!

Ploughing below sea level

This Caterpillar caterpillar tractor fights its way through heavy polder soil south of Rotterdam in the Netherlands – and that 4m below sea level!

Perhaps one of the first diamond ploughs with online equipment on one of the first caterpillar tractors – a rare picture!

A Journey to the Past

In the depths of the LEMKEN archives, drawings of days long past were slumbering.
While today, construction drawings are produced with modern CAD programmes, before digitalisation, this was done with a pen and ink!

LEMKEN Nederland wordt 50 jaar

The LEMKEN branch in the Netherlands is not quite as old as the headquarters in Alpen. But even there, birthdays were – and are still – celebrated. In 1978, this flyer drew attention to the 50th anniversary of LEMKEN Netherlands – in times before advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

Weather Station in Progress…

Many years ago – when drafts and drawings were still being made on the drawing board – the basic idea for the LEMKEN weather station, today’s iQblue Clara, was born.

Some experts might say that it is only a simple thermometer, but it is clearly the weather station of the 20th century!

For more information about iQblue Clara, visit:

Beauty Shots – In the Past and Today

Dance of the ploughs

Even ploughs can dance – See how impressively the LEMKEN ploughs danced at the 1998 Ploughing World Cup ballet!

LEMKEN – machines prevent a disaster

There is a high risk of field fires in hot weather and during prolonged droughts. Often, the only way to contain the fire is through soil tillage. It’s just as well that LEMKEN equipment was on hand to prevent a disaster – a slightly different application!

Our sign – a poem

The ring describes the world in full,
One field in which a plough can till,
The plough within, so big it fills
The earth with all its many miles.

Think you the plough too large in girth,
Taking up all the space on earth?
Think you it wants no room at all,
The earth so big, the plough so small?

Consider when you see this sign,
And when you come to read these lines,
How sorry our world’s state would beIf
of the plough it were quite free!

Karl Cleve

LEMKEN Karat 9 in North America

The soil is the most important basis for achieving high yields. Filling up holes, levelling the ground and breaking up clods usually requires several work passes. With the LEMKEN Karat it is possible to connect all the passages together.

Hectarekiller – LEMKEN Heliodor 9

Pure power! The LEMKEN Gigant 12 S with the world’s largest Heliodor 9 short disc harrow and 16 metre working width, together with the Case Quadtrac and almost 700 HP, manages a few hectares.

Attic found

LEMKEN plays Champions League

Barcelona’s success on the course is legendary.
But at least they know that it is also based on LEMKEN technology.
After each season a LEMKEN Zirkon power harrow is used to prepare the basis for the success of the coming season.

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