Let’s celebrate together!

Together we are celebrating our 240th anniversary – and that despite a global pandemic worldwide!

LEMKEN Nederland wordt 50 jaar

The LEMKEN branch in the Netherlands is not quite as old as the headquarters in Alpen. But even there, birthdays were – and are still – celebrated. In 1978, this flyer drew attention to the 50th anniversary of LEMKEN Netherlands – in times before advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

Field-design made by LEMKEN

To make it easy to recognise from space that LEMKEN is celebrating its 240th anniversary this year, 100m large numbers were drawn into a stubble field as if done by a printer. A quite different application of the Rubin 10!

Our sign – a poem

The ring describes the world in full,
One field in which a plough can till,
The plough within, so big it fills
The earth with all its many miles.

Think you the plough too large in girth,
Taking up all the space on earth?
Think you it wants no room at all,
The earth so big, the plough so small?

Consider when you see this sign,
And when you come to read these lines,
How sorry our world’s state would beIf
of the plough it were quite free!

Karl Cleve

LEMKEN for young & old

For bread and birthday cake

With our sustainable lunch box made of wheat straw fibre, you’ll find the ideal companion for well-earned breaks on long working days while avoiding unnecessary plastic.
When you need to take a break from all the celebrating, this single lunch box allows you to take your snacks anywhere.

Also suitable for birthday cakes for the 240th anniversary!

Anniversary companion 

Not only do llamas live under adverse conditions in the high mountains of South America, but also as the plush mini format in the homes of little LEMKEN fans. 

Llamas are also extremely curious and inquisitive – just like little LEMKEN fans looking for interesting LEMKEN stories from the last 240 years.

As you can see, the LEMKEN llama is a must have for every (240-year) anniversary!

For more than 240 insects

On the roof of the LEMKEN administration building, the bees are already diligently and sustainably producing their honey.

Now, it is your turn.

Make your small but important contribution to sustainability with our LEMKEN Insect Hotel.
The 3-story hotel can be individually designed and filled. This way, the perfect habitat for regionally occurring insect species can be created, and you can enjoy colourful flowers and a variety of insects for the next 240 years.

If you want to discover even more gifts for young and old LEMKEN fans, just click here: