Let’s celebrate together!

Together we are celebrating our 240th anniversary – and that despite a global pandemic worldwide!

Ploughing and sowing on the Scottish North Sea

In autumn 2017 a German, an English and a Scottish colleague visited a customer on the Scottish North Sea coast.
There they ploughed and drilled wheat with a view of the North Sea.

When the plough was set, there were discussions between the customer and our Scottish colleague. Apart from the strong Scottish dialect and crude English curses, as a German, one could understand nothing.

Later in the car the English colleague told our German colleague: “Don’t worry, I didn’t understand anything either!

LEMKEN – Family Bonds

Passion for Agriculture – Experience the stories of the family members of our LEMKEN employees in this short movie. All of them have an agricultural background and, therefore, know exactly what is needed in the field.
Their families are proud of what their daddy, brother or brother-in-law does. Some of them still work on the farms in their free time.

The Comedian Harmonists

This picture was taken at a large company party in 1998. The occasion was Victor Lemken’s 60th birthday.
As a surprise, a few employees imitated the Comedian Harmonists and sang the German songs “Mein kleiner grüner Kaktus”, “ein Freund ein guter Freund” and “der spanische Tango”

Many thanks to our colleague who shared this memory!

Twice as much joy in India!

“I am working for LEMKEN India as a Product manager. My first project as a Product Manager was the hydraulic reversible MB plough Opal 080E. Coincidentally, the official launch date of the new Opal 080E on the Indian market was in the same month as the day my baby boy was born. So, it was twice as much joy for me!
In the light of this funny coincident, a colleague from LEMKEN India likes to call my boy “Opal 080” sometimes.
The picture shows both of us dressed in the LEMKEN blue. I thought this little joy is worth a share.
I wish the same joy and success to all our LEMKEN Family for the coming years!”

Thanks to one of our colleagues from LEMKEN India.

Die Höhner feat. LEMKEN

World Ploughing 2018. Kirchentellinsfurth.
A long, but exciting day comes to an end with the team enjoying a cosy barbeque.

Everyone is joking around and thinking about the day. The glow from the hot air balloons as well as the concert of the Höhner are about to happen. The anticipation rises.

The light in the room next door goes on, and the Höhner begin a singing warm-up before performing. Some colleagues become quite nervous, as they are very keen to take a picture with the band. The idea is perfect.

The apprentice is supposed to go over and kindly ask if taking a picture would be possible, and of course, the Höhner do not hesitate and this legendary snapshot is taken:

One big familiy

It is not only the management and the shareholders who think with us, everyone thinks with us.

We think and act together in the execution of our tasks.

We deal with each other in a trusting and fair manner.

Viktor Lemken

Toilet bag

In the toilet bag the personality shows itself.


By handshake

Theodor van Laak, head of development and design at LEMKEN from 1959 to 1992, was responsible for groundbreaking inventions and patents that established the company’s reputation as a manufacturer of innovative and high-quality equipment and machinery for agricultural engineering. On October 1, 1959, the newly qualified engineer for agricultural machinery was hired with a handshake “right out of school”.


We used to say: If you don’t have blue in your bedroom, you’re not at LEMKEN.

Cilli Overhoff Technical Officer (1955-1992)

Humans and machines

Miro and Manni work diligently under the supervision of their colleagues. A well-rehearsed team of three.

Fun during breaks

Guarantee recreation, the field that recovers gives back abundantly what it owes you.

Ovid (43 BC – 17 AC)


Everyone has something
that drives them.


3rd Generation

My grandpa used LEMKEN ploughs before I was even born.

Linus Jordans