Let’s celebrate together!

Together we are celebrating our 240th anniversary – and that despite a global pandemic worldwide!

Modern technology in Belarus

An employee tells:

“In autumn 2019 I was in Belarus with our importer Polymya. There was a fully equipped Solitair 12/1200 being pulled by an all equipped Fendt 936, completely twin-tired and painted in special black lacquer”.

An expensive dream of many European farmers, in one of the poorest and most isolated countries in Europe. What a contrast!

Sowing grain – The American Way

In autumn 2018 three German colleagues were in the USA.
They were discussing a topic about the Compact Solitair and it was very American: A typical Case IH Magnum tractor was harnessed in front of the Compact Solitair.

A Ford pickup truck was used as a customer service car.
The area to be drilled was on the reservation of the Shoshone Bannock Indians.

And a herd of cattle was driven past the area, by cowboys of course!

Ploughing and sowing on the Scottish North Sea

In autumn 2017 a German, an English and a Scottish colleague visited a customer on the Scottish North Sea coast.
There they ploughed and drilled wheat with a view of the North Sea.

When the plough was set, there were discussions between the customer and our Scottish colleague. Apart from the strong Scottish dialect and crude English curses, as a German, one could understand nothing.

Later in the car the English colleague told our German colleague: “Don’t worry, I didn’t understand anything either!

LEMKEN – Family Bonds

Passion for Agriculture – Experience the stories of the family members of our LEMKEN employees in this short movie. All of them have an agricultural background and, therefore, know exactly what is needed in the field.
Their families are proud of what their daddy, brother or brother-in-law does. Some of them still work on the farms in their free time.