Die Höhner feat. LEMKEN

World Ploughing 2018. Kirchentellinsfurth.
A long, but exciting day comes to an end with the team enjoying a cosy barbeque.

Everyone is joking around and thinking about the day. The glow from the hot air balloons as well as the concert of the Höhner are about to happen. The anticipation rises.

The light in the room next door goes on, and the Höhner begin a singing warm-up before performing. Some colleagues become quite nervous, as they are very keen to take a picture with the band. The idea is perfect.

The apprentice is supposed to go over and kindly ask if taking a picture would be possible, and of course, the Höhner do not hesitate and this legendary snapshot is taken:

Dance of the ploughs

Even ploughs can dance – See how impressively the LEMKEN ploughs danced at the 1998 Ploughing World Cup ballet!

LEMKEN for young & old

For bread and birthday cake

With our sustainable lunch box made of wheat straw fibre, you’ll find the ideal companion for well-earned breaks on long working days while avoiding unnecessary plastic.
When you need to take a break from all the celebrating, this single lunch box allows you to take your snacks anywhere.

Also suitable for birthday cakes for the 240th anniversary!

Anniversary companion 

Not only do llamas live under adverse conditions in the high mountains of South America, but also as the plush mini format in the homes of little LEMKEN fans. 

Llamas are also extremely curious and inquisitive – just like little LEMKEN fans looking for interesting LEMKEN stories from the last 240 years.

As you can see, the LEMKEN llama is a must have for every (240-year) anniversary!

For more than 240 insects

On the roof of the LEMKEN administration building, the bees are already diligently and sustainably producing their honey.

Now, it is your turn.

Make your small but important contribution to sustainability with our LEMKEN Insect Hotel.
The 3-story hotel can be individually designed and filled. This way, the perfect habitat for regionally occurring insect species can be created, and you can enjoy colourful flowers and a variety of insects for the next 240 years.

If you want to discover even more gifts for young and old LEMKEN fans, just click here:

Junior employee

Practice early!


A LEMKEN fan sent us this picture of a young talent. The young lady obviously feels comfortable in straw.

Thank you very much!

LEMKEN plays Champions League

Barcelona’s success on the course is legendary.
But at least they know that it is also based on LEMKEN technology.
After each season a LEMKEN Zirkon power harrow is used to prepare the basis for the success of the coming season.