Ploughing below sea level

This Caterpillar caterpillar tractor fights its way through heavy polder soil south of Rotterdam in the Netherlands – and that 4m below sea level!

Perhaps one of the first diamond ploughs with online equipment on one of the first caterpillar tractors – a rare picture!

LEMKEN – Family Bonds

Passion for Agriculture – Experience the stories of the family members of our LEMKEN employees in this short movie. All of them have an agricultural background and, therefore, know exactly what is needed in the field.
Their families are proud of what their daddy, brother or brother-in-law does. Some of them still work on the farms in their free time.

Practitioner Opinion

The employees of the LEMKEN company are just as robust as the machines they produce.

Vladimir Berdik, Head of the Snegirjov branch of Nibulon in the Nikolaev region of Ukraine

Almond Blossom and Lucerne Hay – California

The most diverse crops and special climatic conditions of the sun-kissed US state require very special concepts for soil cultivation.

A LEMKEN Rubin 9 and a LEMKEN Heliodor 9 play leading roles in the cultivation system.

The ground in the rows between the almond trees must be as even as possible so that a loss-free almond harvest is possible.

In addition, work must be carried out flat so as not to damage the sensitive tree roots. This is important because only in this way can the trees reach an age of 35 years.

About rice and risotto – Italy

Most non-Italians think of South East Asia when they think of rice cultivation. But for 500 years, the grain has also been cultivated in the Mediterranean country – mainly in northern Italy, west of Milan.

But almost everyone knows the Italian national dish risotto – and this works particularly well with varieties that have a tradition in Italy.

The varieties for ‘risotto al dente’ have a particularly high amylose content. This ensures that the rice absorbs a lot of cooking liquid, but still remains firm to the bite.
However, the following applies to the remaining ingredients: whatever tastes good is allowed!

One of 4,000 rice farmers in Italy is Giovanni Premoli. Together with his family he cultivates his farm with about 120 ha of rice in dry rice cultivation.

To a large extent, he relies on LEMKEN technology.
In February the farmer prepares the seedbed with a Heliodor short disc harrow.

With the Solitair seed drill he later sows the rice evenly flat.

He also owns a Rubin 9 short disc harrow, because it copes better with the tough rice straw after the harvest.

Farmer’s bread – France

Ferme d’Orvilliers is the name of a farm in the Centre-Val de Loire region of France.

There, two committed brothers together with their innovative parents run a 360-hectare farm.

Telling the story of the family, bread, organic farming, direct marketing and most recently the name Steketee play an important role.

On 50 hectares of the farm, the Pelletier brothers grow organic cereals, grind flour and bake their own bread, which they sell in their own shop and at weekly markets.

Mechanical weed control is essential for organic areas.

The farmer uses a Steketee hoe with camera technology for automatic machine guidance.

He raves about the precision and flexibility of this technique.

Well-structured processes in the areas and reliable machines create free space.
Adrian Pelletier has used this to write a book – a guide for those who like to bake their own bread or want to learn what makes good organic bread.