Die Höhner feat. LEMKEN

World Ploughing 2018. Kirchentellinsfurth.
A long, but exciting day comes to an end with the team enjoying a cosy barbeque.

Everyone is joking around and thinking about the day. The glow from the hot air balloons as well as the concert of the Höhner are about to happen. The anticipation rises.

The light in the room next door goes on, and the Höhner begin a singing warm-up before performing. Some colleagues become quite nervous, as they are very keen to take a picture with the band. The idea is perfect.

The apprentice is supposed to go over and kindly ask if taking a picture would be possible, and of course, the Höhner do not hesitate and this legendary snapshot is taken:


We used to say: If you don’t have blue in your bedroom, you’re not at LEMKEN.

Cilli Overhoff Technical Officer (1955-1992)

Fun during breaks

Guarantee recreation, the field that recovers gives back abundantly what it owes you.

Ovid (43 BC – 17 AC)

LEMKEN plays Champions League

Barcelona’s success on the course is legendary.
But at least they know that it is also based on LEMKEN technology.
After each season a LEMKEN Zirkon power harrow is used to prepare the basis for the success of the coming season.