Training with full physical effort

ISOBUS training, AgroFarm, 2018.
The French and British teams use our models to have a long and very funny discussion on the carpet of the training room about the difference in positioning the GPS antenna on a standard tractor or a crawler tractor!

Practitioner Opinion

The employees of the LEMKEN company are just as robust as the machines they produce.

Vladimir Berdik, Head of the Snegirjov branch of Nibulon in the Nikolaev region of Ukraine

How it all started…

The Lemken family in front of the forge in Birten, Niederrhein.

Fun during breaks

Guarantee recreation, the field that recovers gives back abundantly what it owes you.

Ovid (43 BC – 17 AC)


Everyone has something
that drives them.


3rd Generation

My grandpa used LEMKEN ploughs before I was even born.

Linus Jordans