Ploughing below sea level

This Caterpillar caterpillar tractor fights its way through heavy polder soil south of Rotterdam in the Netherlands – and that 4m below sea level!

Perhaps one of the first diamond ploughs with online equipment on one of the first caterpillar tractors – a rare picture!

Modern technology in Belarus

An employee tells:

“In autumn 2019 I was in Belarus with our importer Polymya. There was a fully equipped Solitair 12/1200 being pulled by an all equipped Fendt 936, completely twin-tired and painted in special black lacquer”.

An expensive dream of many European farmers, in one of the poorest and most isolated countries in Europe. What a contrast!

Training with full physical effort

ISOBUS training, AgroFarm, 2018.
The French and British teams use our models to have a long and very funny discussion on the carpet of the training room about the difference in positioning the GPS antenna on a standard tractor or a crawler tractor!

A Journey to the Past

In the depths of the LEMKEN archives, drawings of days long past were slumbering.
While today, construction drawings are produced with modern CAD programmes, before digitalisation, this was done with a pen and ink!

Weather Station in Progress…

Many years ago – when drafts and drawings were still being made on the drawing board – the basic idea for the LEMKEN weather station, today’s iQblue Clara, was born.

Some experts might say that it is only a simple thermometer, but it is clearly the weather station of the 20th century!

For more information about iQblue Clara, visit:

Beauty Shots – In the Past and Today

Field-design made by LEMKEN

To make it easy to recognise from space that LEMKEN is celebrating its 240th anniversary this year, 100m large numbers were drawn into a stubble field as if done by a printer. A quite different application of the Rubin 10!

Dance of the ploughs

Even ploughs can dance – See how impressively the LEMKEN ploughs danced at the 1998 Ploughing World Cup ballet!

LEMKEN – machines prevent a disaster

There is a high risk of field fires in hot weather and during prolonged droughts. Often, the only way to contain the fire is through soil tillage. It’s just as well that LEMKEN equipment was on hand to prevent a disaster – a slightly different application!

Digital Twins at LEMKEN

The ongoing digitalisation does not stop at LEMKEN’s development activities.
During the design process, simulation models are created on the basis of CAD data, which allow our machines to be fully tested with realistic loads – without having to build a single device.
A digital twin!

Improvements and innovations are thus incorporated into the machines even before the prototype phase, thus shortening the time to market.
LEMKEN customers benefit from the fact that technical innovations find a quick way into the product.

A real added value!

Almond Blossom and Lucerne Hay – California

The most diverse crops and special climatic conditions of the sun-kissed US state require very special concepts for soil cultivation.

A LEMKEN Rubin 9 and a LEMKEN Heliodor 9 play leading roles in the cultivation system.

The ground in the rows between the almond trees must be as even as possible so that a loss-free almond harvest is possible.

In addition, work must be carried out flat so as not to damage the sensitive tree roots. This is important because only in this way can the trees reach an age of 35 years.

LEMKEN for young & old

For bread and birthday cake

With our sustainable lunch box made of wheat straw fibre, you’ll find the ideal companion for well-earned breaks on long working days while avoiding unnecessary plastic.
When you need to take a break from all the celebrating, this single lunch box allows you to take your snacks anywhere.

Also suitable for birthday cakes for the 240th anniversary!

Anniversary companion 

Not only do llamas live under adverse conditions in the high mountains of South America, but also as the plush mini format in the homes of little LEMKEN fans. 

Llamas are also extremely curious and inquisitive – just like little LEMKEN fans looking for interesting LEMKEN stories from the last 240 years.

As you can see, the LEMKEN llama is a must have for every (240-year) anniversary!

For more than 240 insects

On the roof of the LEMKEN administration building, the bees are already diligently and sustainably producing their honey.

Now, it is your turn.

Make your small but important contribution to sustainability with our LEMKEN Insect Hotel.
The 3-story hotel can be individually designed and filled. This way, the perfect habitat for regionally occurring insect species can be created, and you can enjoy colourful flowers and a variety of insects for the next 240 years.

If you want to discover even more gifts for young and old LEMKEN fans, just click here:

LEMKEN Karat 9 in North America

The soil is the most important basis for achieving high yields. Filling up holes, levelling the ground and breaking up clods usually requires several work passes. With the LEMKEN Karat it is possible to connect all the passages together.

Hectarekiller – LEMKEN Heliodor 9

Pure power! The LEMKEN Gigant 12 S with the world’s largest Heliodor 9 short disc harrow and 16 metre working width, together with the Case Quadtrac and almost 700 HP, manages a few hectares.

Attic found

Saving energy with plough and cultivator

Once the machine and work result have been determined by the farmer, there are various ways of saving fuel without having to sacrifice work quality with the LEMKEN pull point adjustment with OptiQuick on mounted reversible ploughs and OptiLine on semi-mounted ploughs. By adjusting the pull point to an optimum range, diesel consumption can be reduced by nine percent. Positive side effect: driving without side draughts reduces wear on the ploughing equipment and relieves the driver.

Without changing the quality of work, traction boosters also offer elegant saving opportunities. At LEMKEN, these are also installed on diamond ploughs and carat cultivators with Contour Track. This relieves the load on the front axle and applies pressure to the rear axle of the tractor. Tyre slip is reduced and energy is saved.

Incorrectly used cultivator coulters unnecessarily increase diesel consumption. From around 15 centimetres upwards, wing shares are often ineffective. However, each change of coulter means time consuming. With the LEMKEN quick-change system the coulters can be changed within a short time without tools. In this way, the cultivator can quickly be equipped with the right tool every time – for shallow cultivation with wing shares and for deep cultivation with a narrow share. You save time and energy!

LEMKEN plays Champions League

Barcelona’s success on the course is legendary.
But at least they know that it is also based on LEMKEN technology.
After each season a LEMKEN Zirkon power harrow is used to prepare the basis for the success of the coming season.