Farmer’s bread – France

Ferme d’Orvilliers is the name of a farm in the Centre-Val de Loire region of France.

There, two committed brothers together with their innovative parents run a 360-hectare farm.

Telling the story of the family, bread, organic farming, direct marketing and most recently the name Steketee play an important role.

On 50 hectares of the farm, the Pelletier brothers grow organic cereals, grind flour and bake their own bread, which they sell in their own shop and at weekly markets.

Mechanical weed control is essential for organic areas.

The farmer uses a Steketee hoe with camera technology for automatic machine guidance.

He raves about the precision and flexibility of this technique.

Well-structured processes in the areas and reliable machines create free space.
Adrian Pelletier has used this to write a book – a guide for those who like to bake their own bread or want to learn what makes good organic bread.

LEMKEN for young & old

For bread and birthday cake

With our sustainable lunch box made of wheat straw fibre, you’ll find the ideal companion for well-earned breaks on long working days while avoiding unnecessary plastic.
When you need to take a break from all the celebrating, this single lunch box allows you to take your snacks anywhere.

Also suitable for birthday cakes for the 240th anniversary!

Anniversary companion 

Not only do llamas live under adverse conditions in the high mountains of South America, but also as the plush mini format in the homes of little LEMKEN fans. 

Llamas are also extremely curious and inquisitive – just like little LEMKEN fans looking for interesting LEMKEN stories from the last 240 years.

As you can see, the LEMKEN llama is a must have for every (240-year) anniversary!

For more than 240 insects

On the roof of the LEMKEN administration building, the bees are already diligently and sustainably producing their honey.

Now, it is your turn.

Make your small but important contribution to sustainability with our LEMKEN Insect Hotel.
The 3-story hotel can be individually designed and filled. This way, the perfect habitat for regionally occurring insect species can be created, and you can enjoy colourful flowers and a variety of insects for the next 240 years.

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Glocalization is the next big thing!

Yeah, you read it right: Glocalization.

A fusion of nationalization and globalization, according to futurologist Matthias Horx..

In it, the three future trends Mega Farming, Next Nature and Bio Plus can be found.

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Mega Farming

Mega Farming is about highly technical agriculture, which is mainly done by robots. Humans control the machines in the sense of an efficient and biological raw material economy.

Next Nature

Next Nature describes the category of new products, since a large part of the population rejects meat from factory farming or monocultures. This frees up the market for alternative products that no longer differ in taste from conventional products. The products are grown in high greenhouses or even underground. Directly in the cities.

Bio Plus

Horx understands Bio Plus as concepts such as solidarity-based agriculture and urban gardening. Restaurants, for example, are supplied directly by the farmer. All in the spirit of animal welfare, traceable production sites and ecological-economic supply chains.